Young Carers Art and Photography Competition

Over the next 12 months, Resolution Property will be carrying out fundraising initiatives to raise money for two Young Carer charities in London – Westminster Young Carers Service  and Camden Crossroads Young Carers Project. We hope to raise at least £80,000 in order to enable the charities to continue their essential work with young carers.

A young carer is someone between the age of five and eighteen years who is routinely expected to undertake caring tasks that are often inappropriate for their age. They may have a family member who suffers from a physical or psychological disability, long term illness, mental ill health or drug/alcohol addiction.

Amongst other things, these children are often responsible for the administration of medication; collection of prescriptions or welfare payments; maintaining the personal hygiene and cleanliness of a parent or sibling; preparation of family meals and, when necessary, contacting emergency services on behalf of their relative. It is a lot to ask of anyone, let alone a young child. Very often they themselves are affected physically or emotionally by their caring role. This in turn prohibits them from accessing the same opportunities as other children their age and can frequently affect their attendance and performance at school.

Westminster and Camden Young Carers support hundreds of young carers by offering them a safe place to meet with other carers, access to youth groups, personal development and training, homework clubs, school and family support, counselling and life coaching, peer mentoring and outings, day trips, weekends away.

According to reports by Carers UK, the value of unpaid support that carers provide reached £87 billion a year in 2007 which is more than the total annual spend on the NHS. The average carer is, therefore, saving the nation over £15,260 a year3. There are 175,000 carers in the UK between 5-18 years old4. Despite these facts being a prominent talking point during the 2010 general election debates, at the beginning of 2011 the government announced cuts to funding which effectively decrease the charities’ finances by 25%.

Published Friday 7th September 07. The report, Valuing Carers - calculating the value of unpaid care, is published by Carers UK and is available from The authors are Dr Lisa Buckner and Professor Sue Yeandle, University of Leeds.

Young Carers in the UK 2004 Report. Authors - Chris Dearden and Saul Becker[1].pdf

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