September 2011 Fundraising dinner

We are launching an art and photography competition with the finalists and winners to be announced at a fundraising dinner on the 14th September.

We would like to encourage these children to express themselves through art and photography and hope that by doing so they will experience not only a great sense of personal achievement, but also a validation of the incredibly important role they play in our society. By acknowledging and recognising their work as carers as well as artists, we hope they will feel that the efforts and sacrifices they make daily are appreciated by us all.

We have asked the young carers to produce pieces of art based on a person or a place that is meaningful to them in their role as a carer. Entries will be displayed at a central London venue, accessible to the public, with the final judging taking place as part of a fundraising dinner on 14 September 2011. 

During the evening, there will be an opportunity to purchase some of these unique pieces of art as well  as other interesting items.

Competition entry imageWe will be selling tickets for dinner – please enquire at Reception for more information, or contact Helen Rogers on 020 7518 8383 or by email:

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